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A Catalogue of 17th & 18th Century Books on behalf of a client

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Histrio-Mastix. The Players Scourge, or Actors Tragædie, (1633)

The Compleat  Gentleman. Fashioning him Absolut, in the Most necessary and commendable Qualities concerning Minde or Body, that may be required in aNoble Gentleman. Whereunto is annexed a description of the order of a Maine Battaile or Pitched Field, eight severall wayes: with the Art of Limming and other Additions newly Enlarged. (1634)

The Generous Usurer (1641)

The Declaration of John Pym Esquire Upon the Whole Matter of the Charge of High Treason Against Thomas Earle of Strafford, April 12, 1641 with an Argument of Law, Concerning the Bill of Attainder of High Treason of the Said Earle of Strafford (1641)

Historie of the Pitiful Life and unfortunate Death of Edward the Fifth and the then Duke of York with Richard the Third (1641)

A Vindication of King Charles: Or, a Loyal Subjects Duty. Manifested in Vindicating his Soveraigne from those Aspersions cast upon Him by certaine persons, in a Scandalous Libel Entituled The Kings Cabinet Opened. (1648)

Wonderful and Strange Punishment Inflicted on Breakers of the ten Commandments  printed 1650

The Loyall Martyrology, Or, Brief Catalogues and Characters of the Most Eminent Persons Who Suffered for Their Conscience During the Late Times of Rebellion (1665)

Collection Of English Proverbs Digested into a convenient Method for the speedy finding any one upon occasion; With Short Annotations. Whereunto are added Local Proverbs with their Explications, Old Proverbial Rhythmes, Less known or Exotick. Publisher: John Hayes for W. Morden, Cambridge: 1670

Advice to a Friend  (2nd.edition) Patrick, Simon (Bishop of Ely)1674

Gerania;  A New Discovery of a Little Sort of People, Anciently Discoursed Of, Called Pygmies. with a Lively Description of Their Stature, Habit, Manners etc (1675)

Life and Death of Captain William Bedloe, One of the Chief Discoverers of th Horrid Popish Plot. Wherein all his more Eminent Cheats and whatever is remarkable of him, both Good and Bad, is Impartially Discover'd.  (1681)


A Complete History Of The Life And Raign of King Charles From his Cradle to his Grave 1658

Saducismus triumphatus: or, full and plain evidence concerning witches and apparitions. In two parts. The first treating of their possibility. The second of their real existence (1682)

Cyprianus Anglicus: Or, The History of the Life and Death, of the Most Reverend and Renowned Prelate William by Divine Providence Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, Primate of all England, and one of the Lords of the Privy Council to His late most sacred Majesty King Charles the First, second Monarch of Great Britain : Containing also the ecclesiastical history of the three kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland, from his first rising till his death

The Rump or Collection of Songs and ballads (1660)

The Holy Bible: Containing the Old and New Testaments: Translated out of the Original Tongues, and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised, by the Special Command of His Majesty King James I. of England. Printed by John Field, London 1661.

A Large Declaration Concerning The Late Tumults In Scotland From their first originalls : Together with a Particular Deduction Of the seditious Practices of the prime Leaders of the Covenanters

The Courtier's Calling, Shewing the Ways of Making a Fortune, and the Art of Living at Court, According to the Maxims of Policy & Morality in Two Part . (1675)

Rider's British Merlin: For the Year of Our Lord God 1787.

Letters From a Moor at London to His Friend at Tunis Containing an Account of His Journey Through England, with his obfervations on Laws, Cuftoms, Religion and Manners of the English Nation. Likewise Remarks on the Publick Charities, with curious Memoirs relating to the Life of Mr Sutton, Founder of Charter-House. A defcription of Bedlam, with reflections on Love, Madness and self-Murder, Thoe whole interfperfed with Historical remarks and ufeful obfervations. (1736)

The City Remembrancer: Being the Historical Narratives of the Great Plague at London, 1665; Great Fire, 1666; and Great Storm, 1703. To which are added Observations and Reflections on the Plague in general; considered in a Religious, Philosophical and Phyfical View with Historical Accounts of the moft memorable  Plagues, Fires and Hurricanes.      Collected from curious and authentic papers originally compiled by the late learned Dr Harvey, his Majefty’s Phyfician to the Tower, and enlarged with Authorities of a more recent Date (1769)

 The Natural Method of Curing the Diseases of the Body, and the Disorders of the Mind Depending on the Body.3rd Edition 1742)

THE HISTORY OF COLD-BATHING, BOTH ANCIENT AND MODERN. In Two Parts. The First Written by Sir John Floyer Of Litchfield, Kt. The Second, [Written By Edward Baynard] Treating Of The Genuine Use Of Hot And Cold Baths. Together With The Wonderful Effects...( 6th edition 1732)

An Historical Account of the Sufferings and Death of the Faithful Confessor and Martyr. M. Isaac Le Fevre, an Advocate of Parliament, Who After 18 Years Imprisonment, Died a Slave in the French King's Gallies Together with a particular relation of the condition of other miferable prifoners there.  Extracted out of his own and other  confellors letters and authentick memoirs.. Done into English from the French. To which is prefix’d by the Editor. London Printed by T.W for Thomas Bennet at the Half-Moon in St. Paul’s Churchyard (1704)

A Short View of the Immorality and Profanenefs of the English Stage: Together with the Sense of Antiquity upon this Argument. Author. Jeremy Collier MA. Second Edition. London, Printed for S. Kemble at the Turk's Head in Fleetftreet, R, Sare at Grey’s-Inn Gate in Holborn, and H Hindmarsh againft the Exchange in Cornhil  (1698. )

La Belle Assemblée: Or, the Adventures of Twelve Days. Being a Curious Collection of Remarkable Incidents Which Happen'd to Some of the First Quality in France. Interspers’d With entertaining and improving observation made by them on several pages in history, both ancient & modern. Written in French, for the entertainment of the King and dedicated to him. By Madam De Gomez. in Four Volumes. London; Printed for  H. Woodfall, J Rivington, R. Horsefield, G. Keith, W. Nichol and R Ware, M. Richardson, J & T Pote and T Burnett  4 Volumes 1795 ( Eighth Edition)

Wonderful Escapes! Containing the Narrative of the Shipwreck of the Antelope Packet. The Loss of the Lady Hobart Packet, on an Island of Ice. The Shipwreck of the Hercules, on the Coast of Africa. An Extraordinary Escape from the effects of a Storm in a Journey over the Frozen Sea, in North America.  (1822)

Loss of the Antelope Packet, In the service of the British East India Company, Henry Wilson commander which struck on breakers off Pelew Island August 8, 1783, and the consequent instruction of the English to the natives of Pelew. Together with the manner and characters  of Abba Thulle, The King, Roa Kook and Arra Kooker, the Kings Brothers, Prince Le Boo.  (1822)

The History of King Charles by HL :Publisher: F.L. & F.G. for Hen, London, 1656