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The Last Dinner on the Titanic

Hors d'oeuvre.  Canapes a l'Amiral  Oysters a la Russe

Oysters served with a vodka dressing.


 Soup.  Consomme Olga.

(Garnish of sea scallops)


Fish. Poached salmon with Mousseline sauce.

 Entree.Filet Mignon Lili

(Fillet steak topped with pate and field mushroom served with a Madeira sauce.)


Chicken Lyonnaise  (Chicken breast braised in white wine and thyme With marrow farci.)


Sorbet. Punch Romaine.  

(Escoffier at his best! Crushed ice with champagne, orange juice and rum.)


Roast Roasted Quail on wilted greens


Salad. Asparagus Salad with champagne vinegarette.


Cold dish. Fine pate en croute with melba toast.


Sweets. Waldorf  Pudding

(Light egg custard with buttered apples, ginger and sultans. Topped with toasted walnuts.)

 Peaches in Chartreuse sauce.

 Chocolate painted eclairs with Homemade vanilla ice cream


Dessert. Assorted fresh fruits and selection of cheeses


After dinner. Coffee and port.

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